Virtual Academy Home Energy Audit
Online Training for Home Energy Audit Course

Virtual Academy Online Learning Module:
Online Learning with the Virtual Academy
Home Energy Online Training
Our exclusive online learning portal with audio and video learning. Makes learning as easy as watching an interactive video with expert instructor voice-over.

The Pro and Turn-Key Package includes Virtual Academy Online Training. This state-of-the-art online home training is our Flagship product. It incorporates all the Denby Energy home energy audit training materials. Additionally, it includes updates and expanded modules of the Denby Energy Training taking you beyond just the text books.
What you get with the Virtual Academy

  1. The online training is like watching an interactive video. The training is presentation-based with animation and instructor voice over to guide your learning process.

  2. The training is interactive letting you move between modules once completed and requiring your input for chapter quizzes.

  3. You are required to take the chapter quizzes to test your understanding and retention, keeping you learning and on target.

  4. You access the online training portal through unique passwords that are assigned upon purchase of the program.

  5. Access the online training from any computer connected to the internet using your unique password and login.

  6. The program is self-directed, so you do it at your pace on your computer. If needed, you can review old chapters with the click of mouse.

  7. You have full access to the online training materials and can complete the course as your time allows. You can log off and back on as necessary without time constrains to better help you meet your learning schedule, needs and goals.

  8. In short, it is a comprehensive online training program that trains you on everything you need to get started in energy auditing, so you are prepared, and ready to make money helping people save energy.