Commercial Energy Audit Training Manuals
Energy Auditor Training Course Materials

11-Part Commercial Energy Training Course Module:
Commercial Energy Audit Training Manuals
11-Part Training Manuals
At the Core of your training is our exclusive, proprietary 11 part downloadable Commercial Training Manuals. These downloadable manuals are incredibly focused and specifically designed to cover everything you need to become a Commercial Energy Auditor.

Introduction to Energy Auditing, CommercialEnergy Training Manual
Introduction to Energy Auditing
Commercial Energy Audit Training Course 1:
You will learn the basics of energy, how we get our energy supply and the core issues associated with energy use, production and transmission.
Building Envelope, Commercial Energy Training Manual
Building Envelope
Commercial Energy Audit Training Course 2:
Module 2 is the starting point for energy audit training. You will learn the essential elements and issues associated with the building envelope - the skin that connects the building with the outside environment. It covers windows, doors, insulation and more.
Lighting, Commercial Energy Training Manual
Commercial Energy Audit Training Course 3:
Lighting is an essential element of any energy audit comprising upwards of 50% of some commercial energy uses. This module teaches you the fundamentals of lighting, lighting sources and gives you a targeted approach to change-outs, retrofits and more.
Energy Bills, Commercial Energy Training Manual
Energy Bills
Commercial Energy Audit Training Course 4:
Learn exactly how to read an energy bill with a focus on core issues like demand charge, rate plans, and find out how simply reading an energy bill can tell you more about the way a building operates than almost any other single source of information.
Heating and Cooling, Commercial Energy Training Manual
Heating and Cooling
Commercial Energy Audit Training Course 5:
This Module will teach you the essential elements of heating and cooling and provide you with usable, practical and effective energy solutions for heating and cooling systems.
Motors and Machines, Commercial Energy Training Manual
Motors and Machines
Commercial Energy Audit Training Course 6:
This Module will teach you the difference between motors and machines, as well as the similarities that make defining and reducing wasted energy with motors and machines a critical part of any commercial energy audit.
Economic Analysis of Energy, Commercial Energy Training Manual
Economic Analysis of Energy
Commercial Energy Audit Training Course 7:
You will learn how to understand the economics of energy savings. Saving Energy is only part of the equation for business. The most critical factor for business is whether that energy savings is economically attractive. You will learn how identify the economics of energy savings to calculate costs savings your clients will receive when they modify their facilities.
Basics of Contracts, Commercial Energy Training Manual
Basics of Contracts
Commercial Energy Audit Training Course 8:
You will learn how to create and implement a contract with your client for energy auditing services. It goes into detail about the essential elements to all contracts with special focus on specific template contracts you can use for energy inspections. Most importantly, you will learn the reasons for each of the major contract points and the contract terms so you can understand how contracts will help you and your clients.
Making Money and Who Installs the Energy Saving Products?, Commercial Energy Training Manual
Making Money and Who Installs the Energy Saving Products?
Commercial Energy Audit Training Course 9:
You will learn exactly how to make money in the energy auditing business. You will receive clear working examples and discussions of the essentials like Time Value of Money, Life Cycle Costs, and Compound Interest, as they specifically apply to the energy efficiency business. You will also learn how to help your client actually implement the energy savings you discovered. You will learn how to refer electricians, heating and cooling contractors and other trade groups to your client that are licensed, insured, and bonded to do the work professionally and at a fair price.
Business Start-Up and Insurance Essentials, Commercial Energy Training Manual
Business Start-Up and Insurance Essentials
Commercial Energy Audit Training Course 10:
You will learn the fundamentals of business you need in order to get setup and working for yourself as an Energy Auditor. You will learn how to establish yourself as a business entity and how to determine if you should incorporate. You will learn the insurance requirements necessary to protect you in your new business.
Low Hanging Fruit, Commercial Energy Training Manual
Low Hanging Fruit
Commercial Energy Audit Training Course 11:
This course is our incredible immersion primer into the dynamic field of energy conservation. It is a stand-alone, self-contained exercise that shows you how to learn the essentials of energy auditing by focusing on just one, very common and easily understood aspect, lighting change-outs. After this one module, you will know how to immediately start a career in energy conservation.