Energy Audit Training Certification

EAA and NEASI Certification Module:
NEASI Certification
Our comprehensive training program includes a certification with the National Energy and Sustainability Institute pursuant to their approved Home Energy Audit Certification Exam and their approved Commercial Energy Audit Certification Exam.

The National Energy and Sustainability Institute is the only program of its kind, dedicated to, and focused on, creating third-party validation to support the advancement of energy audit training around the world.

Energy Audit Associates and Denby Energy Training Programs meet the thresholds necessary to have the Home and Commercial Energy Audit Training program and testing approved and hosted by the National Energy and Sustainability Institute. This important 3rd party validation provides Denby Energy students an essential element in the training and certification of energy auditors.

The Energy Auditor Certification
  • Once you have successfully completed the online learning course, you will be eligible to take the Home or Commercial Energy Auditor Certification exam issued by the National Energy and Sustainability Institute.

  • The exam is online. It is a comprehensive test that is administered by the National Energy and Sustainability Institute.

  • The test is password protected and timed.

  • Test scoring is instant, so you will know instantly whether you have passed, your score and the answers you missed.

  • Upon successful completion, you will receive a hard-copy certificate in the mail acknowledging your Certification as a Home Energy Auditor or a Commercial Energy Auditor.

  • You can then use this Certification to show to potential clients to ensure them you are certified as an Energy Auditor and can save them money based on the in-depth energy analysis training you have received in the program.

Benefits of Being a Certified Energy Auditor
Our graduates enjoy career flexibility that allows them earn a lucrative income while helping companies save money on their energy bills. Here are some of the best parts about the Certification Program:

  • Confidence: By taking and passing the Certification test you will quickly learn how much you know and how easy it is to make money saving energy.

  • Reputation: With the select National Energy and Sustainability Institute Energy Auditor Certification, you will establish a reputation as a true professional.

  • Professionalism: Anyone can buy training materials. Only those with the professionalism to take their career to the next level will take and pass the Certified Energy Exam.