Bonus Materials
Energy Auditor Bonus Materials

All Training Packages Include:
Free Book - 120 Ways to Go Green
Get a copy of our popular book 120 Ways to Go Green. Packed with tons of small tips to get that extra bit of energy savings and sustainability conservation out of your home, business and life.

Pricing and Upgrade Protection
As a purchaser, all new materials from Denby Energy are available at our Pricing rates. The Pricing can include free updates, low cost updates and in some circumstances, new program parts made available for merely the difference in pricing from the initial purchase.

As a purchaser you are automatically signed up for our newsletter and update notifications.

Turn-Key Training Packages Include:
30-Day Support
We believe in our products and we are proud to stand behind them. With each purchase, we provide 30 days of free support. That means if you have issues or questions as you apply this information, we are here to answer your calls and emails. (additional support is always available, contact Energy Audit Associates for more information - 1-888-813-3629).

Website Listing
As a purchaser who takes and passes the Certification test, you will join our online registry. You get your name and contact information installed onto our US map of all EAA auditors expanding your online presence and making certain third parties can validate your certification.